This weekend was the third and final weekend of the nine CrossFit regional competitions taking place all over the world. With hundreds of athletes vying for a spot in the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, let's take a look at how our Kill Cliff athletes fared in regional competition. 

Overland Park, Kansas will be the host of the 2018 USA Weightlifting National Championship where sixteen new champions will be crowned. 

If you're looking for a way to qualify for the Kill Cliff Granite Games, look no further. There are three ways that you can qualify for the championship in St. Cloud, MN: get invited, online qualifier, and open registration.

TEAMWORK presented by Kill Cliff is a nationwide fitness fundraiser in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation that runs from June 28th to July 4th, 2018. This event will consist of 24 Hero Workouts that honor fallen members of Naval Special Warfare. These workouts will be completed in gyms across...

Tough Mudder X Championship, presented by Kill Cliff, is a one-mile obstacle course that is designed to determine the best athlete in the world. Some of the world's most elite athletes will be showing off their strength, speed, and agility in the Toughest Mile on the Planet with the hopes of...

The US Navy SEALS produce some of the best leaders in the world, and now you have a chance to spend a weekend learning from multiple highly decorated SEALS.

The Navy SEAL Foundation Joggin' For Frogmen 5k is right around the corner. The series of races brings communities and families together to jog in honor of the Naval Special Warfare Community and their families. 

CrossFit athletes all over the US and Canada will be competing at the Kill Cliff Granite Games Throwdown on May 5th. 

The Kill Cliff Granite Games is a 3-day event hosting upwards of 2,000 athletes who run the fitness spectrum from beginner to pro and hailing from all over the world. Over the course of a weekend, this global community comes together to test their fitness and mental fortitude through a series of...



by Michael Cohen / February 22, 2018

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