3 Movement Practices I do Everyday!

by Chris Lofland / October 23, 2018
Here are 3 movements I do everyday with some basic information on why and why you should too!
  • Strengthens connective tissue in your shoulders. This can help build the strength in the areas of your shoulders that tend to get injured and/or irritated.
  • Helps thoracic extension and shoulder flexion - basically it opens up your upper back and shoulders.
  • Hanging will help decompress your spine, especially your lower back.
  • Helps maintain or build hip function and range of motion (hip mobility).
  • Increases or maintains adequate ankle mobility.
  • Increases or maintains foundation leg strength by having to get in and out of the squat position.
Touch the Ground
  • Forces the maintenance of a basic movement (being able to pick things up off the ground).
  • Increases or maintains functional flexibility.
  • Promotes “earthing,” which has been shown to help relieve stress. (More on this in a later blog post)
Try different variation of each of these. No specific sets, reps, or time. Just do it by feel. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Reach up and grab a door frame when standing in the hall. Wake up and head outside to touch the ground and see if it helps you wake up. Take a break from standing and sitting in a chair and lower into a squat for a couple of minutes and notice if you feel any different.
We have designed an atmosphere based on comfort (Chairs, tables, shoes, etc.). Though these things can be great and have a place in our lives, our bodies need to be in consistent states of; slight discomfort, puzzling positions and movements, larger movement of the joints, etc.
“We have even industrialized exercise: more people get pleasure from watching professional athletes compete in televised sports than by participating in sports themselves.” - Daniel E. Lieberman, The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease
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Chris Lofland

Chris Lofland

Chris Lofland coached and competed in the sport of gymnastics for over a decade. In 2007 he became a CrossFit coach and began coaching the CrossFit Gymnastics certifications. Since then, Chris has started his own seminar series covering gymnastics, weightlifting, and general movement. In 2016, he opened up BlueWave Fitness in Fort Worth, TX, where he coaches general fitness, performance fitness, weightlifting, and competitive Crossfit athletes.

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