Alden Mills

Alden Mills
Alden Mills is a former U.S. Navy SEAL platoon commander who combined his passion for health and fitness with an entrepreneurial spirit to establish Perfect Fitness. Founded in 2002, the company first became known by its flagship product, the Perfect Pushup, which launched in 2006. Today, it is part of Implus Corp., a large, private-equity-backed organization. Perfect Fitness is renowned for innovative products and programs enabling people to achieve maximum fitness levels utilizing natural body movements for a healthier lifestyle. https://alden-mills.com/

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Climbing Cliffs

by Alden Mills / December 4, 2018

Long before I accomplish anything of significance – and by significant, I mean something that takes a protracted amount of time to achieve – I set about climbing the single most important “cliff,” the one in my head. I call those mental cliffs my “demons of doubt.” I met them early on in life...


The Advantage of Adversity

by Alden Mills / September 27, 2018

Today I want to discuss the benefits of adversity with you.

Before you can achieve, you must first believe. It’s an important message, but it’s not as simple as some would tell you, “All I have to do is believe and I can achieve anything I want.” Of course you’re not sure – you have doubts. I know exactly how you feel. I was a kid with asthma whose...

When I’m not giving keynote speeches, I work with a select number of what I call “CXO’ers”. These are people that are either current C-level leaders or soon-to-be ones. The common theme I find with ALL of them is leadership. They want to know how to be better leaders, or they worry they aren’t...

In my previous post, “Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker on High-Performance Training, Team Building, and Leadership,” I shared with you how I approach training leaders and teams from the perspective of a Navy SEAL Motivational speaker. I talked about how to use Navy SEAL mindset training to...


Finding a Fitness Focus

by Alden Mills / September 13, 2018

In grade school, I struggled to find a sport that I was good at. I tried a lot of them, and it was not until high school that I found one I excelled at – rowing.  It turns out I was pretty good at sitting down and going backward for long periods of time…And I got better the harder I worked. Crew...

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