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Written by Justin Wright What else can you do to increase your likelihood of success? If your goals follow SMART guidelines and you write them down in positive, powerful language, what other steps can you take? Understanding the difference between motivation and discipline, and in turn how to...

Written by Justin Wright

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Written by Connor Nellans

When working with a lot of clients, athletes and members in the corporate wellness world, a common “complaint” is the difficulty in staying on track with nutrition while traveling for work **raises hand in solidarity** Believe me, I totally get it. I travel with CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff...


The Skinny On Fat

by CrossFit Invictus / November 30, 2018

Ever notice how a particular food can become all the rage only to drop out of fashion a few years later? And how the food or nutrient that our doctors told us to get more of in 1990, can morph into the one they are warning us against today?

Written by Michele Vieux

When you attack workouts like Cindy, you are potentially facing hundreds of air squats in one training session which can lead to muscle fatigue. By varying your stance throughout the workout and reps, you are able to use slightly different musculature – enough so that you can continue to move...

Lifting gains can be made for a couple reasons – sometimes they are due to improvements in technique and sometimes because of increases in strength. Below are two technique tips and two strength drills for to try so you can make some #gainz.

It’s time to get in shape – it’s been awhile since you’ve been thinking about it, and you just don’t know where to start. What about running? Seems like the easiest form of exercise – the least amount of equipment needed and no need to be paying for a gym membership. What do you really need to...