Former Navy SEAL turned Mountain Guide and Splitboard Mountaineer.

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I sought out The Sect. There is a type of programming that gives you that burn in your throat while you gasp for air, makes you move heavy loads of iron, and crafts your body into a machine that can operate for long periods of time. Variations of these methods exist a lot of places, but very...

Snowed in at 7,000 feet and surrounded by the snow-topped mountains of Afghanistan, Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen could think of nothing else but how to snowboard them. It was these mountains that inspired Josh to move to Colorado to pursue snowboarding and mountaineering as a lifestyle. These days,...



by JOSH JESPERSEN / February 16, 2018

Josh grew up in rural Pennsylvania as an unsettled youth with a penchant for athletics, and the military became his ticket out of town. Joining the Navy in 2005, he was bound for BUD/s to become a SEAL. On his second deployment while his platoon was snowed in for a month in Afghanistan, all he...

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