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The definition of a badass, Tazz Tucker is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in Kill Cliff’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He is the founder of Zealously Fit, where he focuses on weight loss and muscle gain. If you’ve attended his boot camps, you know Tazz brings the energy to his...

Listen in as Kill Cliff CEO Joe Driscoll joins the No Quit Living podcast for an interview. 

Have you ever wanted to ask Brooke Ence how she got her killer biceps? Want to know how Sam Dancer fits his massive legs into a normal pair of pants?

If you’ve ever wondered what the power of the mind looks like, and you’re also looking for some inspiration, then this is the episode for you! John Timar is a former Navy SEAL, who is now the Chief Sales Officer for Kill Cliff, a leading clean hydration and sports nutrition brand for elite...


Mark Zinno

by KILL CLIFF / August 15, 2018

We are pleased to introduce you to Mark Zinno, the host of our new Kill The Quit Podcast!  Zinno has over ten years of radio and television experience and also a member of the Army National Guard, where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with multiple overseas deployments.  


Lex Gillette

by KILL CLIFF / August 15, 2018

Lex Gillette may have lost his eyesight, but once he got a taste of track and field, he never lost his vision. 


Kill Cliff Badassador Mitch Aguiar fought in his second professional MMA fight on July 27th, and it was probably the most entertaining 30 seconds in MMA history. There aren't words to adequately describe this first round, so you'll just have to watch. 

From the Air Force Academy to the Navy SEALs to swimming across the English Channel, John Doolittle has always been looking for ways to serve others. These aspirations led him to get involved with the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim, which benefits the Navy SEAL Foundation.  

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games has come and gone. Champions were crowned, champagne was popped, and quit was killed.

Alden Mills has held many titles in his lifetime including Navy SEAL, coach, motivational speaker, husband, father, and son, but the one you likely recognize him from is an entrepreneur in his ventures with the Perfect Pushup and Perfect Fitness. 

A regular day on the job forever changed the life of Keith Miner. On May 8th, 2000, Miner was pulled into a wood-chipper due to the mistake of a co-worker. The wood-chipper was able to get a hold of Miner's right arm and he lost his hand as the result. Four days in the hospital and two surgeries...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first annual TEAMWORK event! Through the efforts of the participants, we were able to raise $44,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation! 

Former NFL running back Justin Forsett has retired from football, but he hasn't stepped away from the game completely. 

The road back to your normal gym routine after an injury is never easy no matter whether you sprained your ankle or ruptured a tendon. You are going to be itching to get back into the gym right away, we know, but before you go and re-injure yourself, take a look at some tips we’ve gathered about...

Joshua Rucker is paralyzed from the belly-button down, but that hasn't kept him from living our his dreams and maintaining a high level of positivity towards life. In September 2002, A car accident that resulted in his vehicle flipping 14 times and Rucker was pronounced dead at the scene. After...

Scott Garrett, better known as Big Sarge, is a retired U.S. Army soldier and Purple Heart recipient. As a member of the 1st Calvary Division, one of the most decorated divisions of the U.S. Army, Garrett was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom II. On September 5th, 2004, the HUMMV that...


Rosé Sangria

by KILL CLIFF / June 29, 2018
Cool down this summer with a Kill Cliff cocktail! This recipe comes to us from Kill Cliff fan Preston Holdren. We're always looking for different mixology recipes. If you have a recipe you've been using at home, post it on Instagram with #KillCliffMixology. The best recipes will receive a free...

With months of preparation and repetition behind him, Mickey "The Viking" Tomlin is ready to compete in his first U.S. Strongman Nationals on June 30th in White Plains, NY. 

We know you're going to be getting plenty of calories while munching on hot dogs and cheeseburgers during your Fourth of July celebrations. We've created a delicious drink that is light on calories and packed with flavor. After one sip you're going to want 1776 more. 


Tatum Barber

by KILL CLIFF / June 20, 2018

It’s me, Tatum B. Or Tate, as most people call me. I am an adaptive athlete, 25 years old, and I want to win the WheelWOD Games this July. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama with Spina Bifida, which impairs my lower body, mainly my ability to walk.

The 2018 Tough Mudder X Championship has come and gone, but unlike the bars on the obstacles, the awesomeness of this event was not hard to grasp. 

This page consists of a collection of Kill Cliff Mixology recipes made by both us here at Kill Cliff HQ and you, the fans. If you have a recipe you've been using at home, we'd love to hear about it!

Meghan was a Division 3 rower at Ithaca College in upstate New York.  After graduation, she decided to see how far she could take her passion for rowing and competing; she began training for the US National team.  After five years and three failed attempts, Musnicki made what would be the first...

This weekend was the third and final weekend of the nine CrossFit regional competitions taking place all over the world. With hundreds of athletes vying for a spot in the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, let's take a look at how our Kill Cliff athletes fared in regional competition. 


Mitch Aguiar

by KILL CLIFF / June 6, 2018

Mitch "Smashin' Frog" Aguiar has turned in his Navy SEAL uniform for an American Flag sunga. The 10-year veteran of the U.S. Navy SEALs fought in his first professional MMA fight in January 2018 after previously fighting in 12 amateur fights while still serving in the Navy. The welterweight...

Kill Cliff is running a 15-week long sweepstakes that will result in kick-ass prizes being given away at the end of each week. There will be five different themes throughout the sweepstakes. Each theme will last three weeks each and a theme-matching, bad-ass prize will be given out at the...


Lindsay Hilton

by KILL CLIFF / May 30, 2018

Lindsay Hilton was born missing all four limbs. Being a congenital amputee, Hilton had two roads to choose from early in life. She could've chosen to let life kick her around and feel sorry for herself every day. Alternatively, she could've grabbed life by the horns and not let anyone tell her...

USA Weightlifting, also known as USAW, is a non-profit organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Weightlifting Federation as the governing body for the sport of weightlifting in the United States.

Overland Park, Kansas will be the host of the 2018 USA Weightlifting National Championship where sixteen new champions will be crowned. 

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