Don’t Have Time to Workout? Use this Routine!

by Chris Lofland / January 3, 2019
If I don’t have enough time to do, a warm-up, mobility, strength, conditioning, etc. then my go to is always Locomotion.
Locomotion is moving your body from one place to another and can be done in many different ways. Here is my routine that I use that covers a little bit of everything the body needs!
Locomotion Routine:
Ostrich Walk - Take small steps with straight legs and reach for the floor.
Straight Leg Bear - Keep your legs straight and move contralateral (left leg with the right arm and vice versa).
Low Bear - Keep your back and hips flat (tight core) and move contralateral.
Horse - Take a wide stance and keep your hips low.
Frogger - Squat down and reach forward with your arms. Keep your arms straight and pull your legs up as far as possible and return back to a squat.
Duck Walk - Squat down and walk heel to toe.
Alternating K-Kicks - Step forward and kick up into a partial handstand. Keep your legs low at first.
Feel free to message me and/or tag me if you have questions! Now go move!
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Chris Lofland

Chris Lofland

Chris Lofland coached and competed in the sport of gymnastics for over a decade. In 2007 he became a CrossFit coach and began coaching the CrossFit Gymnastics certifications. Since then, Chris has started his own seminar series covering gymnastics, weightlifting, and general movement. In 2016, he opened up BlueWave Fitness in Fort Worth, TX, where he coaches general fitness, performance fitness, weightlifting, and competitive Crossfit athletes.

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