Kill Cliff Granite Games

by KILL CLIFF / March 1, 2018

Since 2011, our team has striven to build more than a competition. Our mission is to build a global community that encourages all levels of athletes to achieve personal greatness.

The Kill Cliff Granite Games is a three-day event hosting upwards of 2,000 athletes who run the fitness spectrum from beginner to pro and hailing from all over the world. Over the course of a weekend, this global community comes together to test their fitness and mental fortitude through a series of fitness tests highlighting strength, agility, conditioning, strategy and much more. Athletes ranging from 14 to 60+ participate as individuals or on teams, much of which is determined by the Granite Games Online Qualifier, held in early summer.


Over the years, the Kill Cliff Granite Games has grown far beyond its garage gym throwdown roots to become a world-class fitness event, but for us, it’s even more than that. The Granite Games are an opportunity to give back to our communities and strengthen their bond with fitness, whether through directly supporting local and national non-profit organizations or promoting growth via a revenue sharing program within affiliates. Every year, we aim to support the growth of the fitness community both locally and nationally and have enabled many participating communities to improve their facilities, hire extra staff and provide better quality service to their members.


In recent years, as we continue to grow, we’ve been able to award some participating communities with an outfitting of new equipment, and one lucky winner received $10,000 to revamp their facility. As the Granite Games continues to move the fitness community forward, we hope to help even more gym owners and their communities attain their full potential.

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