My Daily Wrist Routine - Strength and Mobility Work!

by Chris Lofland / January 17, 2019
The wrist, like any joint, requires a certain amount of motion in order to properly function. A lack of mobility and strength in it can increase your risk of injury. Let’s be real though, the wrist is often neglected in most people’s training. Deficits in strength and mobility of the wrist are relatively common, and lead to frequent complaints of wrist pain, or the constant use of wrist wraps among athletes (especially weightlifters). If you find yourself stopping to shake out your wrists during your training, then this conversation is for you.
Our bodies need more TLC than most of us give them. Mobility is not glamorous, but neither is pain and the skipped workouts that result. With that in mind, your wrists should not be something you address only after they start to hurt. While no one likes homework, you should work on your wrist health every day, whether it’s a training day or a rest day. A wrist routine I encourage focuses on three stretches and three strength movements.
Here is my daily wrist routine and some instruction on how to perform it and scale it up or down depending on your wrist strength and mobility! My typical protocol is 10 reps of each movement.
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Chris Lofland

Chris Lofland

Chris Lofland coached and competed in the sport of gymnastics for over a decade. In 2007 he became a CrossFit coach and began coaching the CrossFit Gymnastics certifications. Since then, Chris has started his own seminar series covering gymnastics, weightlifting, and general movement. In 2016, he opened up BlueWave Fitness in Fort Worth, TX, where he coaches general fitness, performance fitness, weightlifting, and competitive Crossfit athletes.

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