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Language Matters

by CrossFit Invictus / April 11, 2019

Written by Justin Wright

Written by Michele Vieux & Nichole Kribs

What exactly are enzymes?

B-Vitamins are water-soluble nutrients that are important in your body's maintenance of physiologic and metabolic functions. There are eight different B Vitamins, so there's a lot to know with each having different functions and benefits. You probably have a lot of questions, but we have you...

Written by Invictus Athlete Dawn Stoll

If you’re a single parent, money, time and energy are often in short supply. Raising kids all by yourself means it’s tough to stretch your budget. Time is a commodity that belongs to your employer, and there are only a few hours to spend with your family every week. Your energy is spent keeping...

Written by Invictus Nutrition Coach Jenn Ryan

Article by Roger Wilson

Written by Justin Wright

Carbohydrates energy is what usually keeps us going, but it is often spoken of in a bad light or forbidden in popular diet fads. Should you still eat carbs? What carbs should you eat? What do carbs even do? We take a look at those questions and more. 

Soda has become a staple of the American diet and it's not doing us any favors. A 12 oz can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar. Drinking one 12 oz can of Coke is the equivalent of eating 4 Krispy Kreme donuts. It doesn't take a genius to realize that drinking these sugary beverages is not good for...

Written by Blaine McConnell

Written by Michele Vieux & Nichole Kribs

Written by Justin Wright

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