A regular day on the job forever changed the life of Keith Miner. On May 8th, 2000, Miner was pulled into a wood-chipper due to the mistake of a co-worker. The wood-chipper was able to get a hold of Miner's right arm and he lost his hand as the result. Four days in the hospital and two surgeries...

Former NFL running back Justin Forsett has retired from football, but he hasn't stepped away from the game completely. 

Joshua Rucker is paralyzed from the belly-button down, but that hasn't kept him from living our his dreams and maintaining a high level of positivity towards life. In September 2002, A car accident that resulted in his vehicle flipping 14 times and Rucker was pronounced dead at the scene. After...

Scott Garrett, better known as Big Sarge, is a retired U.S. Army soldier and Purple Heart recipient. As a member of the 1st Calvary Division, one of the most decorated divisions of the U.S. Army, Garrett was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom II. On September 5th, 2004, the HUMMV that...

With months of preparation and repetition behind him, Mickey "The Viking" Tomlin is ready to compete in his first U.S. Strongman Nationals on June 30th in White Plains, NY. 


Tatum Barber

by KILL CLIFF / June 20, 2018

It’s me, Tatum B. Or Tate, as most people call me. I am an adaptive athlete, 25 years old, and I want to win the WheelWOD Games this July. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama with Spina Bifida, which impairs my lower body, mainly my ability to walk.

Meghan was a Division 3 rower at Ithaca College in upstate New York.  After graduation, she decided to see how far she could take her passion for rowing and competing; she began training for the US National team.  After five years and three failed attempts, Musnicki made what would be the first...


Lindsay Hilton

by KILL CLIFF / May 30, 2018

Lindsay Hilton was born missing all four limbs. Being a congenital amputee, Hilton had two roads to choose from early in life. She could've chosen to let life kick her around and feel sorry for herself every day. Alternatively, she could've grabbed life by the horns and not let anyone tell her...


Austin Cahoy

by KILL CLIFF / May 22, 2018

Kill Cliff's very own Austin Cahoy is headed to CrossFit regionals. Regional competition is not unfamiliar for Cahoy as he's competed with CrossFit 417 at the team level, but this time it's got a different feel. For the first time in his CrossFit career, Cahoy has qualified to compete as an...


Jason Overbaugh

by KILL CLIFF / May 16, 2018

Jason Overbaugh has spent the majority of his life serving others. His service started when he joined the US Marines as a communication specialist in 1992 and served for four years. After his time with the Marines was through, he joined the Atlanta Police Department. He has spent the last 15...


Wayne Dowd

by KILL CLIFF / May 9, 2018

Wayne Dowd is a 22-year veteran of the US Navy who served with SEAL Team 2 as a lead sniper and regional survey team member.  While in the Navy, Dowd planned and conducted special operations missions in various locations worldwide, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, Albania, and...

Born without his right hand, Curtis Frey had to adapt to life a little differently than everyone else.


Craig Towler

by KILL CLIFF / April 23, 2018

The Fourth of July is usually a day that Americans spend celebrating the birth of our country. For Craig Towler, it will always be the anniversary of the day that changed his life forever. On Independence Day in 2016, Towler was unloading his SUV after working at a race all morning when he felt...


Tazz Tucker

by KILL CLIFF / April 23, 2018

Tazz Tucker embodies the Warrior lifestyle with his life-long dedication to fitness. Tucker, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, is the founder of Zealously Fit, where he focuses on weight loss and muscle gain through online, in-person, and competition preparation training. Born and raised in...

I am a native of Dallas Texas. Born here, raised in North Louisiana throughout my school years and moved back to Dallas in 1986. Graduated in 1987 from a small town high school (Venus TX) then joined the United States Air Force as a Ground Radio Communications Technician. Once Bootcamp and...

Coach B is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and obtained his MS degree from the University of Kentucky. He was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps.

Robin King is an absolute warrior. A native of Dallas with a degree in finance from Cal State, she did not anticipate the trajectory of her career and its impact on so many when her photo-journalist husband decided to chase the dream of becoming a Navy SEAL.



by Kevin Kent / March 19, 2018

Chief Special Warfare Operator Kevin Kent retired after 21 years of active duty with Naval Special Warfare. He graduated Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL Training with class 200 & spent more than 15 years with SEAL Team Five, in Coronado, CA, where he completed 9 special operations combat...



by Michael Cohen / February 15, 2018

Michael Cohen is a native of Savannah, Georgia born to Howard and Carol Cohen. Michael made a name for himself in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, having won many National, Junior National, Senior, and Master Championships. Michael is a 3 time Olympian - one of the few in any sport to go as...



by JOSH MARUNDE / February 9, 2018

I discovered CrossFit through a Twitter post by Men’s Health, promoting a Hero WOD. My brother and I both took it upon ourselves to test out this “CrossFit thing” and see how we held up. It crushed us. Shortly after my initial exposure to CrossFit, I was formally introduced to the methodology...

When our founder Todd Ehrlich first had the idea to create a clean recovery drink during his time as a Navy SEAL, he had no idea how big KILL CLIFF would become – including new products, a footprint across the country and overseas, with a killer team of Badassadors behind the brand.Todd remains...

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